Thesis on the experience of space.

1. The trigger: The intention is to have the feeling of discovery from it’s outset of its conceptions. The screen appears as a solid and static object that is used to foster the idea of an escape, an entrance to a new dimension; the possibility to expand yourself in the metaphysical domain.


2. The setup: Once one is approaching the screen, there is the option of generating a regressive womb-space. With the sliding process, one is also unfolding the temporary setup of an anonymous experience drown in light and noise. The ‚inside’ space is only existing through the user, that is preparing for an introverted immersion.

3. The empowerment: The space is created with no distraction of a too emotional charged space. The womb is perceived as a battle between two different membranes. The solid one is encountering the gravity of the beat, infuses the space with a recurrent vibration and a rough and pounding pulse. Beside the sonic component, the space is pierced by heavy use of stroboscopic flashes also contained in the solid side of the structure. When off, the contrast is placing the user in a dystopian darkness that dilutes the surrounding. The fluid, flexible membrane is becoming the protective side of the womb, relating to the mood of the groove by absorbing light/ sound, rearranging the visual perception of the place‘s spatial dimension, generating an additional dynamic.