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The core for education and integration

FETP - Floorplan.jpg

The school playground is identified as the space where recess, physical activity and social interaction take place. We all perceived, at some point in our life, the playground as the place where we gain freedom through creativity, natural environment and game. On the other hand we believe, playgrounds offer the opportunity of creating connections. What if the playground is also the link between the school and the community?

The Earth school in Kafountine comes not only as a response to educational needs, but also as a core for integration. The project aims to generate spaces by combining different types of courtyards/green spots, that allows both play and education to happen. We propose two different scales of common spaces: round patios for the entire community (the covered yard and the pond area) and the ones linked to the classrooms.

Our concept links three aspects: ecology, economy and social well-being. The green courtyards allow us to preserve and elevate all the current trees of the plot. This will not only help to regulate the temperature, but also maximise the openings, flooding the rooms with light and fresh air. They promote an inclusive and protected environment enhancing child to child sociability.

In terms of constructive concerns, the proposal uses renewable resources such earth, clay and wood. This supports both local techniques of construction and economy. Additionally, these affordable and sustainable building methods can be learned and reapplied in future builds.

The project is based on a module that incorporates either a set of two classrooms, and its own green spot or the multipurpose space and an outdoor ‘amphitheater’. The brick walls brings together the main structure of the complex and supports a roof made out of a wood structure and a zink sheet.

The goal of our proposal is to create a protected, welcoming and positive environment to enhance the learning experience of both students and teachers.

FETP - Render 1.jpg
FETP - Render 2 and 3.jpg
FETP - Section.jpg
FETP - Detail Section.jpg

Type: Competition - honourable mention
Year: 2022
Site: Senegal
Team: brustudio

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