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Transforming a limit into an opportunity.

one point five

Social distancing changed our way of measuring our surroundings, especially the objects between us. Since the new rules of the pandemic, we perceive with accuracy the distance of 1.5 m: it’s about two steps, it’s an open umbrella or Danny DeVito laying down. On the other hand, the mobility of the space in between subjects remains without symbolism - there is nothing to be seen, it is a no go zone. Unless we change its direction and context! Until we realise that an average standing adult looking down has about the same distance from his nose to his toes; our body positions react constantly to our surroundings depending if we are sitting, climbing stairs or laying down.

Every person’s eye level is at about the height of 1.5m, regardless of their position in the space. Our project explores the opportunity to use this measurement differently and encourage each other to be playful.


What our eye level perceives as a thin horizontal line becomes a stage. We activate the upper world. In order to do so, we implement three components: the stage-roof, the stair-chair and the people. Each of them has its very important role of building the structure and creating the atmosphere.

We normally train our eyes to look on a certain height, the eye level height. With our project we speculate situations where the subjects are invited to engage in new perspectives, creating a more dynamic relation between the participants.

one point five

Type: Open call
Year: 2022
Site: Worldwide
Team: brustudio

one point five
one point five
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