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The roof as the fifth elevation. Adaptive reuse

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Despite the fact that Berlin is positioned as the capital of contemporary art, there is a lack of workshops and creative spaces. With our proposal we give the artists ‘nests’ and exposure in an abandoned airport building placed in Adlershof district.


The existing building maintains its shape and spatial qualities becoming the outer skin of the space. We bring two new physical elements to configure the necessary functionalities:

1. the nests for private ateliers and housing. They are touching the roof, appearing as grandiose and levitating boxes.

2. the wall for sanitary, storage and kitchen rooms, placed in one perimeter of the building (taking a minimum footprint).


The intermediate space is not arranged with a predefined function. These spaces can anticipate and respond to future changes, guaranteeing multiplicity of uses and simultaneity of activities. The flexible capacity allows work at several scales from everyday exhibitions and routines, to large-scale artistic events.

Type: Competition - 3rd Prize
Year: 2019
Site: Berlin
Team: brustudio

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