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Art factory Berlin

The project is located in Berlin, we grant the city with a space for introspection that provides spaces not only for art development but also for the reinforce of the community. Berlin leads the cultural movement internationally and is positioned as the capital of contemporary art. Despite this, there is a lack of workshops and creative spaces, as well as housing.

That´s why our project finds its optimal position in the outskirts of Berlin. We find in the Johannisthal-Aldershof zone, multiple resources such as: the complex of Humboldt-Universität with its research departments, small private galleries, the Spree River and in its core an abandoned complex willing to be rescued, the Flughafen Johannisthal. The open field of the airport, right next to our building was transformed into a landscape park with the purpose of recreation, generating a perfect spot to reconnect with nature.

The main idea of our project is to implant Art Factory as a catalyst for the new  development of the area and to keep also the legacy and history of the airport. To achieve this, we based our proposal on two main ideas: adaptive reuse and free-space. The space is provided with a new use without losing its essence. The existing building configures a skin, which maintains its shape and the spacial qualities. We propose two new elements to generate the necessary spaces: the boxes that are connected to the roof and gives the impression of levitation and a Wall placed in one perimeter of the building, taking a minimum area.

The Boxes shelter the most specific and restrictive programs, the wall completes the necessities in terms of service for both private and public. The intermediate space is not arranged with a specific function, it is free of constraints. The objective is that the spaces created can anticipate and respond to future changes, guaranteeing multiplicity of uses and simultaneity of activities. The proposal offers, with generosity, spaces available to the creativity and needs of the user. The project so creates an ambitious public resource, of flexible capacity, which allows work at several scales from everyday exhibitions and rutines to large-scale artistic events.

to stop by and take a look yourself.