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Creating a space between art and culture

We want to actively shape the Wiesenburg community and create new synergies.

Our idea for the new use of the studio consists of a combination of young female architects, a creative producer and a film editor.

The studio would not only support us professionally and creatively on a large scale, but would also be a great gain for the cultural workers of Wiesenburg. We don't just want to work on the Wiesenburg, but also with it.

Whether it's film production, presentation or architecture - in these premises we can provide all the support we need, for example, for external presentation or for work on the Wiesenburg - not only with technical means, but also with our own know-how.

Our big goal is to keep the charm of the studio at all costs. Our idea is to use the lower area as a production space for video and photo work and in the upper area we would like to set up our working desks.

Type: Cultural and spatial strategy
Year: 2022
Site: Wiesenburg, Berlin
Team: brustudio,
David Krause, Daniel McMahon
Status: in progress

axo full-03.png

axonometry: spaces and connections

synergy profil

diagram: profiles and contributors


diagram: strategy and contributors


axonometry: scenarios

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