Yes, Witches are real. We are here to show you how.

brustudio is a creative architecture studio, based in Berlin, that takes the form of a coven. Through design and architecture we get our power and dare to be groovy, bold, courageous and explorative. We like architecture as much as we like magic so by applying our witchcraft we make sure to express and reclaim powerful concepts with a sense of playfulness and praise. Founded by Covadonga Cueto-Felgueroso, Sandra Palau and Ane Crisan, brustudio acts as initiator with new ideas for our surroundings but also seeks solutions and designs that enhance feelings of closeness, well-being and happiness.

gif bru.GIF

The studio as a forest fostering 3 brujas. 
We created our safe place where we remember to make magic - entering that state of deep play where imaginative action becomes reality.